Expert Advice on the Use of Home Remedy Acne Treatments

An inexpensive yet effective way to battle acne is through the use of home remedy acne treatments. And if you are one of those who have to fight this problem, there is a number of treatments available. Choose which one of these home treatments suits you best.

Authorities in this field are all of the same opinion that treating any kind of skin disorder should begin with eating the right food and observing correct hygiene. While people have relied on nonprescriptive drugs for years for their acne problem, there is now an interest in the use of home made treatments for acne. A number of these are already available in your own homes, making home remedy acne treatments a healthier and cheaper alternative to curing acne.

Good skin begins with a healthy diet, enough sleep, and regular exercise. It is necessary that skin remain clean at all times. To kill bacteria, you may use alcohol to get rid of it as well as to clean the pores. However, avoid using so much of alcohol since it may cause irritation to the skin.

Professionals advise that excessively oily skin could be treated by means of an oatmeal facial mask. Mashed oatmeal works as a fantastic facial scrub and at the same time, it takes away excess oil from the face. To make it more effective, rinse with cold water for the pores to contract.

A mixture of shredded apples and honey is also another one of several home remedy acne treatments that you could use. Once applied on your face, this has to remain for about 15 to 20 minutes until it dries out in the face. Afterwhich, it has to be washed off with warm water. This could be done twice or even thrice a week, subject to your skin type.

Aside from fruits, experts agree that herbs helps make you pimple-free. An outbreak could be controlled by the use of tea tree oil because of its antiseptic properties. Other herbs effective in controlling the occurrence of acne are burdock, sarsaparilla, and yellow dock.

But proper diet coupled with wonderful herb potions also have to be aided by regular intake of vitamins. A good dose of Vitamins A and B6 are good supplements while zinc, when taken in moderation and before an acne outbreak, can actually prevent it.