Effective Home Remedies and Exercises For Chest Problems

Most of the chest problems are related to the lungs, and purification (detoxification) of lungs is the best way to prevent chest problems. In this article you will find some useful exercises and home remedies to keep your chest problem away. Home remedies and exercises are very helpful in getting relief from several health problems naturally. Below are some of the simple and effective home remedies and exercises for chest problems.

Jogging is the most convenient and easy exercise for everyone. Take deep breaths while jogging. Make a habit of inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. As a result of this exercise, the brain and blood receive maximum oxygen and undesirable gaseous and liquid elements are excreted. Thus the whole body is purified.

Laughing loudly in an airy, non-polluted green area with more oxygen, like parks or garden, makes the lungs clear and strong. Pranayam prevents several disease of the respiratory system. A person doing pranayam daily is free from cough, cold, asthma and other respiratory ailments. It also helps in removing wastes out of the body and provides oxygenated air to lungs and helps keep germs and viruses away.

Another exercise, Vakshasans is an asana specifically for the thorax region. Gomukhasana makes the chest muscles strong. Do it regularly to prevent chest problems. Bhujangasana is very good for purification of the lungs and is recommended for those suffering from bronchitis, asthma, chronic cough or any other lung infections. It tones up the abdominal muscles and maintains youth. This asana is done as follows:

Lie down on the stomach with your chin on the floor. Bend your arms at the elbows and put your hands on the floor with the palms on the ground at the level of your chest. Now gradually raise your hand and chest while inhaling till your arms straighten. Bend your head as far as you can, hold your breath in this position and remain stable for a few seconds. Now start coming back to your original position while exhaling. Repeat twice or thrice in the beginning.

There are some points that you need to follow to prevent chest problems. Do not drink water, bath or sprinkle water on your face immediately after getting up during the day. Do not remain in the sun for long. Do not move around immediately in the sun after being in cold windy atmosphere or vice versa. Keep away from winds during change of season. Keep away from smoky, dusty or other polluted areas. Do not get angry or excited very often. Do not speak non-stop for a long time. Take two teaspoonful of honey daily to make your lungs strong and disease-free. Hope this article will help you to find natural remedies for chest problems.